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    Invite John Riggs for your next speaking event

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    John Riggs - cowboy, family man and pastor, combines his experience and his passion to show you in High Definition, the authentic working cowboy and what it really means to ride for the brand.. The code of the west may have long been forgotten by some, but John Riggs knows people who understand the value of character, courage, faith… simply put, Cowboy Ethics… and has a passion for reminding people of the strength that comes from living on a higher moral ground.

    John spent many years ranching in Oklahoma with his wife of 20 years, Cheryl, and their three children. John owns and operates Riggs Livestock Services and is a pastor at Bar-None Cowboy Church in Tatum, Texas. John has a passion for the cowboy and western culture, and for sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ and how God’s word applies to our lives each and every day as cowboys.

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Series Aim

Cowboy Authentic gives the world a glimpse into the real lives of authentic working cowboys. The show will illustrate the cowboy ethics of hard work and integrity, and what it really means to ride for the Brand. We will demonstrate how God reveals to us Who He is and how His Word applies to our lives in the things that cowboys are blessed to do every single day.

Cowboy Authentic may well be the most honest picture of authentic modern day cowboy life ever presented. This unscripted and never directed show takes on a life of its own as the cameras simply fade into the background and record the honest actions that unfold before the viewer. As impressive as the videography and characters are, Cowboy Authentic is more than a television series about today’s working cowboys. It is a show that will teach real life lessons that can be used by individuals in family life, community life and even in employment or government. This show is the combination of a man’s love and passion for the cowboy culture and for his Savior, Jesus Christ. The creators of Cowboy Authentic believe the answers to many modern day problems are not new and yet to be discovered, but instead have been discarded, forgotten, and left behind. Cowboy Authentic’s aim is to honor the lives and faith of authentic working cowboy’s by celebrating cowboy ethics as solutions for modern day problems while demonstrating how God’s word applies to individual lives each and every day.